Join Band!

We are SO excited to have your son or daughter in the Sixth Grade Band this year!

After Signing Up You Need to…

Choose an Instrument!

How to Pick a Band Instrument

What Instruments Do I Enjoy?

Who decides what you enjoy? You do! The band director can’t tell you what you like, and neither can your parents. This is all about your favorites.

Learn about all of our options by watching these cool videos. Write down your favorites. These are the ones you will want to try first when we are able to do so. Try to pick a few that you like, because sometimes what you like isn’t always what you would be the best at.

Flute    Clarinet     Saxophone     Trumpet

Trombone     Euphonium     Tuba     Percussion

What Instruments Do I Naturally Get a Good Sound On?

How do you know what is a natural fit? A professional tells you after your try them. This is something you or your parents won’t be able to know by yourself. Trust the experts!

At the school instrument assemblies you got a chance to try some instruments. You might already have an idea of what was easy for you to play. That doesn’t mean it’s always going to be easy, but this is a way to give you a great start without a lot of struggling.

Eventually, you’ll be able to try out the instruments you like at one of the “Instrument Selection Days.” We’ll spend more time with you to make sure you are able to produce a sound easily.

What Instruments Does the Band Need?

The only people who have this answer are the band directors. They know how many want to play each instrument and how many of each we need. They are trying to build a great team… so trust them!

The popularity of instruments varies from year to year, but we always need a balanced group. If we get too many of one instrument and not enough of another, the band doesn’t sound as good as it should. If you have two instruments remaining after completing the first two steps above, you want to pick the one that the band needs more of! Be a team player… this makes you a band hero!


If you have any further questions regarding band, please contact your child’s band director.