Online Resources

Practice Recordings

Consider downloading the app “Tempo SlowMo” to change tempos so that you can practice at your own speed

Marching Band show recordings can be downloaded under the “Downloads” menu.

Provides free lessons and exercises for students of all ages. Practice note names, learn more about chords, practice ear training exercises, and more! Exercises are customizable for your own level.

Music Racer

Great resource to practice note names and fingerings for all instruments.

Scale Sheet and Transpoition Chart

Major scales for all instruments and a helpful “Circle of 4ths” chart to help transposing instruments find their starting pitch.

Stanton’s Sheet Music

Listen to professional recordings of most of the pieces we are working on in band.

Live Concerts at Ohio State

Watch live or previously-recorded concerts from the Ohio State University School of Music.

Wind Band Central (YouTube)

Listen to hundreds of the best pieces ever written for concert band.

Marine Band (YouTube)

Watch videos of the President’s Own Marine Band.