Student Leadership

Band Council

The Band Council serves as an advisory committee concerning all aspects of the entire Lancaster High School Band program. The council assists the directors and band members with planning, preparing, and executing band projects and shaping the direction of the band program. Council meetings are open to all band members and will be held regularly throughout the year. Council officers may be elected as needed.

Band of Gold Student Leadership

Field Commander

The holder of this prestigious position should serve as a role model to all members of the band. After the directors, the Field Commander holds the highest leadership position in the band. The Field Commanders are to assist the directors with the direct control of Marching Band rehearsals.

Section Leader / Captain

Section Leaders and Captains will be responsible for efficient operations of their sections. They will assist with weekly music checks, maintain field discipline, provide instruction, serve as positive role models, and assist the Field Commanders as needed.

Squad Leader

The primary responsibility of the Squad Leader is to assist their Section Leader or Captain with marching fundamentals, music rehearsals, and music checks.