Welcome to our New Site!

cropped-12107805_10153690863571465_5984436151791453037_n.jpgWelcome to the new web page of the Lancaster City Schools Instrumental Music Department. We are pleased to debut our new site, which is now accessible on your computers and mobile devices.

Our new site can still be accessed by visiting our old site, but it can now also be viewed by going to LancasterBands.com. This easy to remember web address now matches our names on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, and YouTube.

The site is designed for students, parents, and supporters of the entire Lancaster band program, including Lancaster High School, Thomas Ewing and General Sherman Junior High Schools, and our Fifth Grade beginning band.

New information will be posted directly to the main page. You can navigate information easily by selecting your desired category on the bottom of the page. New articles will posted regularly, so please check back often.

If you would like receive an e-mail when a new post is made, please be sure to follow this blog by following the simple instructions on the bottom of the main page.

You can also easily spread the word by sharing articles you find helpful on social media. Simply click on the title of the article you’d like to share and then scroll to the bottom to share.

Thank you for your continued support of the Lancaster Band program.

Benjamin E. Factor
Director of Bands,
Lancaster High School

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