“The Word” – 09.02.16

The Word – 09.02.16

Friday, September 2, 2016 – Away Football Game vs. Dublin Jerome

Band members will be wearing summer uniforms tonight.

Be sure to get something to eat after school. Band members will be able to purchase food during third quarter break, but this should not be considered dinner.

3:45PM     Report Time (Percussion – On the pad, Winds and Guard – On the field)

4:15PM     Full Band Rehearsal (On the field)

4:45PM     Load Equipment and Change into Uniforms

5:10PM     Meet in Auditorium for Announcements

5:15PM     Load Buses

5:20PM     Buses Depart

6:35PM     Arrive at Dublin Jerome High School, Unload

7:30PM     Kick-Off

8:30PM     Halftime Performance (approximate time)

9:45PM     Game concludes (approximate time)

10:10PM     Depart Dublin Jerome High School (approximate time)

11:20PM     Arrive back to Band Room and unload equipment (approximate time)

11:30PM     Band is dismissed once the band room is clean (approximate time)

Checklist for Friday

_____ White Band Socks

­­­_____ White Tennis Shoes

_____ Band Shorts

_____ Black or Brown belt

_____ Band Polo Shirt (tucked in)

_____ Instrument and Accessories


– If you would like to ride home with a parent after the game, please be sure to follow the guidelines outlined in the handbook.

“Parents must submit a written request at least 24 hours prior to departure. Notification on the day of the trip cannot be accepted. The student and parent must check out before leaving. There will be an assigned chaperone or staff member near the buses for this purpose.”

– Make sure you have clean white tennis shoes and white band socks (Must be correct length). No jewelry or nail polish is to be worn with any uniform, including earrings and other piercings. Long hair should be put up in a bun.

– Instruments need to be cleaned, polished, and sticks taped prior to report time.

– Reminder about itineraries: “To be early is to be on time. To be on time is to be late.”

Attention Parents!

– We encourage our parents and band supporters to cheer loudly and enjoy the band from the stands. Due to safety, limited space, and athletic department rules, adults in the end zone must have a chaperone or equipment badge.

IMPORTANT – Please do not park on either side of the fire lane at any time. This is the drive that loops around directly to the band room and to the front of the GAC entrance. Parents are asked to find a designated parking spot to drop off or pick up your son/daughter.

Upcoming Events

– Each year, the band does an open rehearsal and performance at Fulton Field prior to our first contest. This year, it will be held on Thursday, September 8. This will replace the typical 3-5pm rehearsal that day. Parents and community members will be invited to watch the rehearsal. Rehearsal will begin at 5:30pm. The band will perform their competition show at the end of rehearsal, at approximately 8:20pm. All are welcome to attend.

– Next week’s Football Game (Friday, September 9) is home versus Cathedral High School from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

– Our first competition is scheduled for Saturday, September 10 at Licking Heights High School. We expect to perform at approximately 7:30pm. Report time will be early afternoon. Stay tuned for details.

– The Band of Gold Invitational will be held on Saturday, September 17. Please reserve ALL DAY. More information will be announced soon.

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