Band of Gold Uniform Fittings

Thursday, June 15th – 5-8pm
Tuesday, June 20th – 5-8pm
Uniform distribution will be in the auditorium at LHS. This is for all incoming freshmen/first year Band of Gold members and any upperclassmen needing summer uniform items.
Retuning band members need to check to make sure that their summer uniform and marching band shoes still fit properly. This is the only opportunity for students to be measured for marching band shoes.
Summer Uniform Polo Shirt – $14.00
Summer Uniform Shorts – $23.00
Marching Band Shoes – $30.00
Uniform Maintenance Fee – $35.00
All items must be paid for on June 15th or June 20th. Cash cannot be accepted. Make checks payable to the Lancaster Band Boosters.
Saturday, July 1st
9am-noon (new band members)
1-3pm (returning band members)
Saturday, July 8th
9am-noon (new band members)
1-3pm (returning band members)
If you have any questions, please contact don’t hesitate to contact me.
Debbi Hoagland
Uniform Chairperson

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