09.29.18 – Bloom Carroll & OSU Contests

Bloom Carroll Contest & Buckeye Invitational
September 29, 2018

Band members will have two opportunities to eat – after both performances. You may pack enough for both, eat at concessions twice, or one of each. This is up to each band member to plan.

7:30am – Percussion Warm Up
8:15am – Report Time, Rehearsal on Practice Field
9:15am – Get On Uniforms, Eat
10:00am – Depart LHS
10:30am – Arrive at Bloom Carroll, Unload
11:15am – Warm Up
12:30pm – Eat outside buses or at concessions
1:15pm – Depart Bloom Carroll
2:15pm – Arrive at OSU, Unload
3:15pm – Warm Up

If you would like to leave after our performance with a parent, please submit a note or email by Thursday.

4:45pm – Load Equipment, Change Out of Uniforms
5:15pm – Watch Bands in Ohio Stadium

Please bring money for concessions at OSU. You cannot bring food into the stadium. If you bring a packed lunch, you may eat it before going back in the stadium.

9:00pm – OSU Marching Band Performs
9:20pm – Exit Stadium as a Group
9:45pm – Load Buses
10:00pm – Depart OSU
11:00pm – Arrive back to LHS, Unload


Checklist for Saturday
_____ Black Band Socks
_____ Black Band Shoes
_____ Shorts and Dark Shirt (with sleeves) to wear underneath uniform
_____ Black Gloves
_____ Instrument
_____ Packed Lunch and/or Concession Money



– No jewelry or nail polish is to be worn with any uniform, including earrings and other piercings. Long hair should be put up in a bun.

– Instruments need to be cleaned, polished, and sticks taped prior to report time.

– Reminder about itineraries: “To be early is to be on time. To be on time is to be late.”

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