Florida Update

Band of Gold Parents and Students,

Since last month’s meeting, we have had a lot of interest about the upcoming Disney trip. I have received a number of emails requesting to be a chaperone or an adult follower on the trip. Student sign ups and commitment forms have been continuing to come in.

If there are any band members who have NOT turned in their commitment form AND signed up online, this will need to be done immediately in order to guarantee a spot on the trip. Chaperones have been eagerly awaiting confirmation from me. I am hoping to confirm with all those who have emailed me by next week. Your patience is appreciated!

If you are a parent or family member who is interested in traveling with the band, your request should be emailed to me. We will fill empty seats with chaperones, other adults, and family members in the order their emails have been received.

With the current number of interested adults and students, we expect to be nearly 100% full on two buses. After two buses are filled we will create a waiting list until we can reach enough participants to warrant a third bus.

We are so excited to share a wonderful trip together as a band. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by email, or by contacting the travel agency on the information provided at the meeting.

Ben Factor
Director of Bands,
Lancaster High School

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