Band Facilities Begin to Open for Individual Practicing!

Marching Band Families:

Beginning next week, students will be permitted to use Lancaster High School band facilities for individual and small group practicing. I am extremely grateful to the Lancaster City Schools administration and the Fairfield County Department of Health for working with me to begin a safe reopening of our band rehearsals.

This process will be very gradual, first beginning with individual practicing. This first phase will be especially important for our percussionists preparing for marching band auditions.

What do we need to do first?

All marching band families will need to review the Band Safety Protocols. Parents and student must then sign and return the student waiver. Email the completed waiver to Please do this right away, regardless of when you think you might be in the band room next.

Here are the two documents you will need:

When will the band room be open?

When I receive your email with the signed student waiver, I will let you know what times are available. Each band member will be assigned a time slot.

When will marching band rehearsals begin? Is there a summer schedule available?

Keep checking the band website for updates. As things progress, I will send new information. If everything goes according to plan, we hope to begin sectionals in the middle of June.

I know a lot of families are trying to plan the summer, including scheduled vacations. We will be flexible with all of our rehearsals. If possible, I would recommend planning vacations early in the summer or over the weekends. We understand if that might not work for everyone. We are flexible.

Are we still planning on having band camp?

Yes! We have the new Thomas Ewing reserved during the weeks of July 27 and August 3. This will allow us plenty of indoor and outdoor space to safely rehearse. It is our intention to take everything we love about band camp and make it better! We are really excited about this!

I understand that there will be questions moving forward. We will do our best to answer them as we are able. Our only goal right now is to do what’s in the best interest for our band members, and finding a way to do it safely.

Please review our safety protocols and turn in the student waiver as soon as you can. Thank you in advance!

Ben Factor
Director of Bands