Community Concert @ Tallmadge Elementary

Here is the itinerary for Friday’s Community Concert at Tallmadge Elementary School.

Friday, September 4, 2020

We will be meeting at Tallmadge Elementary School (694 Talmadge Avenue). Be sure to bring your own water, mask, and instrument.

Dinner on Friday will be provided by the Band Boosters. Band members should arrive to Tallmadge Elementary between 4:45 PM and 5:00 PM to eat.

4:30 PM – Front Ensemble / Field Commanders Arrive to Unload
5:00 PM – Eat Dinner (Provided by Band Boosters)
5:40 PM – Warm Up, Unload Equipment
6:00 PM – Report to Parade Block
6:15 PM – Concert Begins
7:00 PM – Concert Concludes, Load Equipment

Uniform Checklist (Winds and Percussion)

_____ Black Band Socks (ankle length)
_____ Black Band Shoes (Dinkles)
_____ Black Dress Pants
_____ Black belt
_____ Gold Band Polo Shirt (tucked in)
_____ Instrument and Accessories


– Make sure you have correct shoes and band socks (Must be correct length). No jewelry or nail polish is to be worn with any uniform, including earrings and other piercings. Long hair should be off the shoulders.

– Instruments need to be cleaned, polished, and sticks taped prior to report time.

– This will be our first of SEVERAL community concerts. Our goal is to a have plenty of room for our fans to distance themselves. Let your family and friends know about our other dates (check the calendar).