Marching Band Update

I want to start by thanking all of you who helped make our 40th annual Band of Gold Invitational a success! Pulling off a successful invitational is a huge task in any year, but the fact that we did so this year was a monumental accomplishment! This was a very special evening for both our band members and the hundreds of others who were able to perform. Well done!

Saturday was our pinnacle event of the year, so we will be starting to wrap things up in the next couple of weeks. Here are the plans moving forward.

This week is a short week with Thursday and Friday being days off of school. We’ve now gone 20 weeks without being shut down or quarantined! It’s time for a short break. We will be taking this week off of all rehearsals and performances. Enjoy the long weekend!

Next week, plan to rehearse on Thursday, October 22 at the usual time of 6-8pm. We will be planning a final performance on Friday, October 23. Be on the lookout for details. We are tentatively planning a final community concert. No other practices will be happening that week.

Thanks again to everyone for your dedication to our Band of Gold!