One Week Left for our Spring Fundraiser

Band parents,

There is only one week left for our spring fundraiser. This is a great opportunity to raise funds for your child’s band fees. For each sale made, $14 profit will be earned. It is certainly possible to cover all marching band fees with this fundraiser.

The only thing you need to do is continue to share the storefront link and then follow up as needed. Share this every day this week through email, text, and social media.

Not sure who to send it to? The fundraising company provided some great suggestions:

  1. Parent / guardian 1
  2. Parent / guardian 2
  3. Grandma(s)
  4. Grandpa(s)
  5. Cousin(s)
  6. Uncle(s)
  7. Aunt(s)
  8. Scout leader(s)
  9. Priest / pastor / minister or other religious leaders
  10. Family service providers (doctor, orthodontist, dentist, chiropractor)
  11. Family friend 1
  12. Family friend 2
  13. Former coaches
  14. School alumni
  15. Local business owner(s)
  16. Neighbor 1
  17. Neighbor 2
  18. Coworkers of parent / guardians
  19. Adult sibling(s)
  20. Parent / guardians’ friends