Mattress Sale This Sunday

The mattress sale is on Sunday. We need everyone’s help so this fundraiser goes well. All parents, students, and band supporters are asked to do the following:

Text “Lanc22” to 740-209-3864

You’ll get information back to forward out to your family and friends. You’ll also get a Facebook link for the event. If you’re on Facebook, share the event and select “Going.”

Who should you invite?

– Adults in your own household
– Other relatives (Grandparents, Aunts/Uncles, Cousins)
– Co-workers
– Teachers you know
– Adults from church or other activities
– Neighbors
– Family friends

If you think of this list, I’m sure everyone can easily think of 10 people. Please take a few minutes now and help us spread the word.

If each family can find just ONE person to come in to purchase a mattress, we will have a record-breaking sale!