Candy Bars & Cristy’s Cards

I will be having a candy bar sale and a Cristy’s pizza card sale Thursday March 16th from 5-6 PM outside of LHS in front of the GAC entrance in a black Ford Flex. We accept card (chip or tap only), check and cash for payment. Each bag of candy bars contains 30 bars and they cost $31 a bag. Candy bars are assorted, and we cannot sell individual flavors. Payment is due up front and $15 goes directly into the student account. You can sell the bars for $1 a piece to friends, family and at work. I have a limited supply, so it will be 1st come first serve.

I will also have a very limited amount of Cristy’s cards left. They discontinued their BOGO card fundraising, so once they are gone, they are gone! A request has been placed with Roosters for their fundraising cards. I do not have a sale date for those yet. Stay tuned!

Valerie Neal
Fundraising Chair