Junior High School Bands


Mr. Bruce Gerken, Thomas Ewing Band Director
Mr. David Bode, General Sherman Band Director

General Sherman and Thomas Ewing Junior High Schools are the two junior high schools in the Lancaster City School district. There are three bands at each junior high school, one for each grade level.

Students in the sixth grade band come to junior high school with a half a year’s worth of experience on their instrument. Sixth grade band is a scheduled class that meets during the school day, every day of the week. During the first half of the school year, students are trained in three smaller classes; woodwinds, brass, and percussion. During the second half of the year, the sixth grade band still meets in the three smaller classes, but also combine to learn how to play together as a large group. The sixth grade band performs one concert in the spring.

The seventh and eighth grade bands meet every day of the week. Performances include an appearance at the Sherman – Ewing football game halftime show, a holiday concert in December, and a spring concert in May. Seventh and eighth grade band members also have the opportunity to participate in a Solo and Ensemble Festival.