Disney Questions & Answers

Band of Gold Families,

We are now just eleven days until we leave for Florida. We are all very excited to represent Lancaster in the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom on January 1, 2020!

We had some outstanding questions that came up since the meeting date that may be helpful as you continue to plan. As our departure gets closer, we will continue to send out more information. Here are answers to some of the more popular questions.

Is there a packing list?

Nothing right now, but we will likely send something out later as a helpful reminder. In general, plan on weather in the mid-70s. Please wear comfortable clothes for the bus trip and good walking shoes for the parks.

What if I’m out of town on December 28 when we are going to practice and load?

If this is the case, email Mr. Factor so he is aware. You need to make sure your music is memorized and we are all clear how your instrument is getting loaded. We can work out those details together.

How do the park groups work?

Band members must be in a group of at least three at all times. The entire band will meet periodically to check-in with directors and chaperones. Each room will be assigned a chaperone for attendance purposes, but band members do not need to walk around in these chaperone groups. Just make sure you are walking around with others and staying safe.

How will we take uniforms and instruments?

Uniforms and instruments will be loaded on the trailer after rehearsal on December 28. You are responsible for loading your own instrument. Band parents will make sure that all uniforms are loaded. You, however, must pack the following in your suitcase: band shoes, socks, and clothes for underneath your uniform. Suitcases will go under the bus when we depart on December 30.


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