Trip Packing List and Reminders

Disney Travelers,

We are just a few days away from our Florida departure. Here is some additional information that will be important for your planning.


On Monday, wear comfortable clothes for the bus trip (think about if you typically get cold or hot and dress accordingly).


  • Tuesday night – Pajamas, toiletries
  • Wednesday – Clothes for the park, comfortable walking shoes and socks, clothes for underneath uniform (no jeans), band shoes (Dinkles), black band crew socks, gloves
  • Thursday – Clothes for the park, comfortable walking shoes and socks
  • Friday – Change of clothes for the bus trip home (you will need to put these in your carry-on when we load on Thursday morning)


  • ANYTHING you will need for Monday/Tuesday on the bus AND Tuesday in the park. You will be able to change clothes and freshen up at the Hub on Tuesday morning, but ONLY if these items are in your carry-on. We will NOT unload luggage until Tuesday evening at the hotel.
  • Consider taking a pillow and blanket and anything you that will pass the time on the bus. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen, deodorant, toothbrush, money, etc.
  • On Thursday morning, you may pack your carry-on with whatever you will need for Thursday evening (on the bus) and for Friday’s travel day.


On Saturday, we will rehearse for the Disney World parade. Rehearsal will begin at 10:00am in the band room. Bring your instrument and music. At noon, we will load instruments on the trailer. We will be finished by 1:00pm. If you are unable to be here on Saturday, e-mail Mr. Factor and tell someone in your section how your instrument will be loaded or transported.


Report time on Monday is 10:45am. Do not arrive earlier than 10:30am. The auditorium entrance (glass doors) will be unlocked for check-in.

Have your suitcase and carry-on with you at this time. Luggage tags should be on both pieces. If you did not yet receive luggage tags, they will be given to you on Saturday upon request.

Be sure to eat lunch before you arrive OR bring a sack lunch to eat on the bus. Remember that all drinks should have caps/lids on it.

We will have a selection of water, pop, and small snacks available for purchase when we stop en route. Everything will be 50 cents, so bring quarters or single dollars, if interested. This will save you money and save us time when we stop. No additional money is necessary unless you wish to purchase souvenirs.