A Great Start for the Band of Gold!

We are now nearing the end of our fourth week of sectionals with the Band of Gold. I cannot begin to explain how excited the band members and staff are to be back together. Even though rehearsal time has been limited, the band has made wonderful progress since starting up last month. Most importantly, the students have kept appropriate distancing at all times and we’ve kept everyone safe.

Pre-Band Camp

Beginning on Tuesday, July 28, the band will begin rehearsing together for the first time. Rehearsals for the next two weeks will be at Thomas Ewing Junior High School (2024 Sheridan Drive). Band members are expected to bring a large water container and a packed lunch. Plan on your water lasting all morning. We will have bottled water available for the afternoon.

Band Camp

The week of August 3 will be our band camp week. During the week we will focus on learning our field show, new music, choreography, and team-building. Again, packed lunches and large water containers will be important. Rehearsals will end before dinner each day this week. On Friday, August 7 at 6:00 pm, we plan to perform a short “Parent Preview” in the parking lot of Ewing Junior High School.

Football Games

Football games are still on and we look forward to supporting the Gales on Friday nights! Due to the far distance of many of our away games, and with student safety in mind, the band staff has decided that it is in everyone’s best interest to not travel to away games this year. Instead, we are planning five neighborhood concerts in what we’re calling the “Band of Gold Community Concert Series.” We are very enthusiastic about this and we believe it will become a student and community favorite this year! This will allow us to bring the band into the community even more than usual, while keeping everyone safe from potential risk.


The Ohio Music Education Association has recently decided it will not be sanctioning local competitions this year, and as a result, there will not be a state finals event this fall. Local band festivals may still be permitted. Many schools are continuing to host shows as they always have. Plans are currently still underway for the 40th annual Band of Gold Invitational, scheduled for October 24. We look forward to showcasing the hard work of our own band and of those bands able to participate.


More details about rehearsals and performances will continue to be emailed out on the band blog. We appreciate your flexibility with our changing schedules. Realize that more adjustments are likely as the weeks progress. Regardless, we are confident that we will continue to provided an incredible marching band experience to our band members this year!