Band of Gold Itinerary for Saturday

We will not have the opportunity to eat together on Saturday. Be sure to eat before you arrive.


4:15 PM – Color Guard Meet In the Maintenance Parking Lot (Fully Dressed)
4:15 PM – Front Ensemble and Field Commanders Meet in LHS Cafeteria to Get On Uniforms
4:30 PM – All Others Meet in LHS Cafeteria to Get On Uniforms
4:50 PM – Walk Down to Fulton Field
5:00 PM – Front Ensemble Meets at Fulton Field to Unload
5:20 PM – Meet in Maintenance Parking Lot for Warm Up
6:20 PM – Performance #1
7:10 PM – Performance #2
7:25 PM – Band Remains on Track to Watch Other Bands
8:00 PM – Walk Back to LHS Cafeteria to Take Off Uniforms

Band of Gold is dismissed after uniforms have been taken care of. Band members will not be permitted back into Fulton Field unless they have signed up to volunteer, or they have purchased a ticket to another block.

Checklist for Saturday

_____ Black Band Socks
_____ Black Band Shoes
_____ Shorts and Dark Shirt (with sleeves) to wear underneath uniform
_____ Black Gloves
_____ Instrument


– All invitational information can be found on the invitational website

– All tickets are pre-sale. Blocks will likely sell out in the next day. All those wishing to attend should purchase their tickets ASAP.

– Volunteers need a ticket if they want a seat in the stands. We can only guarantee a seat in the stands to ticket holders. There will be room for volunteers in the extra bleachers near the Band Booster concession stand.