Volunteer Appreciation Performance on Friday

Band Families,

On Friday evening, the band will be rehearsing at Fulton Field to prepare for our biggest event of the year, the 40th annual Band of Gold Invitational.

The band will begin set up at 4:30pm and rehearse beginning at 5:00pm.

At the end of rehearsal, the Band of Gold will present its field show to anyone who has volunteered this season, most especially those who are volunteering on Saturday. This is to show our appreciation for all of your hard work.

We want to make sure that our workers get a great seat to see the band! The band will perform twice on Saturday, but we know sometimes the view isn’t the best, and sometimes volunteers are busy and can’t leave their assignment easily.

Volunteers who want to watch should arrive to Fulton Field no earlier than 6:30pm on Friday, with our run-through being at 6:45pm. After the performance, our lead volunteers will be available to answer questions and give instructions for Saturday’s invitational.

Remember… this is for volunteers only. If you want to come, sign up below!

To volunteer in the concessions stand, click here.

For all other volunteer positions, click here.

If you only help once this year, this is the day. We cannot succeed without you!